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Get to know the Bridgestone Gecko.

Some say his eyelids are polarised and that he sleeps hanging from the ceiling.  

All we know is, he's called the Gecko!

The Gecko has become a household name for his part in Bridgestone's television and print advertising campaigns. His cheeky presence has become synonymous with grip - something Bridgestone tyres are famous for.






Bridgestone Tyres


Passenger Tyres

You should never compromise on safety. And that's particularly true when it comes to passenger car tyres.

A good quality car tyre will perform better than a cheaper import in critical areas such as wet weather braking and road holding. And, because Australia has some of the harshest road conditions in the world, a good quality car tyre will also last you a lot longer. So, it's little wonder Bridgestone tyres are fitted to most new cars made in this country.

Our Bridgestone Turanza range of car tyres reflects the best in touring technology while Bridgestone Potenza is synonymous with the ultimate in performance passenger tyres. There's also our Firestone range which combines motorsport heritage with street-wise credibility in a value package.

Light Truck Tyres

When it comes to light trucks, commercial vans and utilities, Bridgestone has you covered. Our Light truck (L/T) range delivers the ultimate in off-road strength and performance. We’ve combined toughness and durability with a selection of tyres for a range of vehicles that is as diverse as the needs of those who drive them. Whether you use your vehicle on and off road, on the highway or commercially, we have a tyre to suit.  Some people will want increased wear life while others will want superior traction and manoeuvrability.  Some people will simply want the reliability of an all-season tyre for all purposes. Whatever your needs, from tray top light commercial vehicles to vans and utilities, our L/T range has a tyre to suit.

4x4 Tyres

There's now a huge variety of 4x4 and all-wheel drive vehicles on Australian roads. And the needs of the people behind the wheels of these vehicles are also varied.

Some will want to know they can take their car onto a rugged outback track without a second thought. Others will want comfort and quiet performance from their tyres as they cruise the highways. And there are plenty who will demand a tyre that can do both.

The good news is that, whatever your requirements, Bridgestone has you covered.

Our Dueler range of premium 4x4 tyres offers a huge choice of tyre sizes and performance characteristics.

There are our Highway Terrain tyre (H/T) and Highway Performance tyre (H/P) ranges that deliver superior grip and handling combined with low noise. With its rugged Light Truck construction, our L/T tyre range delivers the ultimate in off-road strength and durability while our popular All Terrain tyre (A/T) range gives you the best of both worlds. 

Tyre Care

The Golden Rules

Bridgestone Australia Ltd. takes pride in offering professional services and advice to assist you with choosing the right tyres for your vehicle. It is very important for you to know how to maintain the tyres you purchase to ensure the effectiveness and safety of those tyres.

Check air pressures in all tyres regularly.

It is preferable  that this check be made weekly, when tyres are cold, and using a gauge known to be accurate.

Ensure you have the correct tyre for your car.

You can check this by referring to the tyre placard fitted to the car, which indicates the correct size, speed rating and load capacity, as well as recommended inflation pressures. The placard is fitted to all vehicles manufactured since 1973 and is usually contained in the glove box, on the driver's door pillar or under the front bonnet.

Avoid "mixing" tyres.

It is advisable to avoid mixing different brand tyres on the same axle due to varying construction styles. It can also be dangerous to mix tyres of different sizes or aspect ratios. You should consult a qualified tyre technician for advice.

Avoid hard braking and sudden acceleration.

Tyres may wear quickly if consistently subjected to hard braking or rapid acceleration.

Use care when parking to avoid tyre damage.

Many impact fractures occur in the sidewall area of the tyre rather than the tread. Careful parking will reduce damage to tyre sidewalls that can occur through contact with kerbs.

Ensure that tyres have more than 1.6mm of tread.

Most new tyres have about 8-9mm of tread pattern when manufactured but when the tread wears down to less than 1.6mm, the tyre may be unsafe to use in wet conditions and should be replaced as soon as possible. Tyres have indicators in their tread pattern which show as lines across the tread when reduced to 1.6mm.

Have your tyres fitted by a qualified tyre technician.

Tyres should be fitted by a qualified tyre technician, who will ensure that they are fitted to the wheel correctly. Poorly-fitted tyres can result in vibration, premature failure, poor handling or rapid tread wear.

Do not use sealants to repair punctures.

After a puncture, tyres must be inspected internally to assess what damage has occurred , they often do not fully inflate the tyre and accordingly the vehicle should be driven at reduced speeds until the tyre can be changed or permanently repaired. Sealants should not be used as preventative measures. The use of sealants may invalidate tyre warranties.


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